Here's how it works


Set Pickup & Delivery time

You reserve a Pickup and Delivery time slot online whenever it's convenient for you. Then you just need to separate your washing for laundry and dry cleaning and wait for our driver.


We collect & process

Our driver will meet you at your door and collect your laundry and dry cleaning. The driver will bring separate bags for laundry and dry cleaning and take your washing. You can also inform the driver of any special requirements or instructions for any particular item or items. We will process your laundry and dry cleaning with our specialist according to your order.

Enjoy Clean

We drop off

After processing your clothes,our driver will bring back your washing clean and fresh within 24 hours* . Our driver will also leave you 2 separate bags for your next pick up.

If you need any more information please read our FAQ or contact us via email info@justlaundryonline.com or complete the enquiry form on our contact us page.

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