Magento Development

Magento is an open source ecommerce solution first launched in 2008 and now owned by eBay Inc. Being an eBay Inc. owned subsidiary, Magento is highly regarded as one of the best and free ecommerce tools available to use. With more than 200,000 businesses relying on Magento for their ecommerce website to function daily with users buying items, Magento is a solid firm with a high and trusted reputation.

It is also an All in One (AIO) Content Management System (CMS) which makes it easy to use for website owners and administrators. With Magento you can have multiple stores on multiple domains which look different but still use one main server, on which is Magento is installed and runs on it. With its easily useable interface and a very configurable system and with thousands of extensions and plugins which are easy to install, Magento’s open source makes it very flexible to meet your unique needs and is sure to be a perfect fit for you. As an added benefit, many programmers themselves use Magento and find bugs and then fix them for free. The end result is that Magento is a relatively worry free experience for many users who might find themselves in situations where their system does not work properly.