MODX Development

MODX is a free and open source website development and blogging tool. It is written in PHP and supports MySQL for easy use with databases. MODX is an all in one (AIO) system and also a content management system (CMS) and supports HTML5 and mobile website creation for mobile devices such as for the Apple iOS or Google Android browser. MODX also can make highly customisable websites and its architecture can support large databases and is capable of handling high traffic websites with ease. Its architecture was specifically built for stability and fast responsiveness so you can have fast working websites with large databases which can integrate and work seamlessly and perfectly. MODX has a vast number of developer users on the community forum which help end users such as website administrators and developers themselves if they have or find any problems. As a further advantage the developer community has translated MODX into 20 languages for easy integration of localised language support. With great responsiveness and over 500 add-ons known as extras to make a fully customised website to your preference, MODX is great for personal and professional use to make websites and blogs. MODX has also been awarded the “Packt Publishing’s Most Promising Open Source Content Management System” in July 2007 and winner of the “Critic’s Choice for Best Open Source Content Management System” in 2012 and “People’s Choice” in 2013 showing its exceptional flexibility of use from its users, and its solid reliability.