TYPO3 Development

TYPO3 is a free and open source website and blogging development tool and software. It is written and based on PHP and supports SQL and as such is highly flexible and can be extended by adding functions and modules known as extensions to do and support a specific purpose without writing any program code. There are currently over 5000 extensions available for TYPO3 so you can make your website as customised and unique as you want to your preference. TYPO3 can also run on many web servers such as Apache or ISS on top of Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux among many more. TYPO3 is available in over 50 languages with localised language support so you can publish content in multiple languages on your website. TYPO3 is an all in one (AIO) system and a content management system (CMS) and is one of the most popular software and tools you can use to make and maintain blogs and create websites, and as such has highly popular usage in Europe, especially in German speaking countries. Whatever your needs, from personal individual to corporate business use, with its excellent features and scalability TYPO3 is an excellent tool to use, and to make and manage your website.